San Diego Psychiatric Society Annual Meeting - June 2016

Integrative Mental and Physical Health


Advocate for access to care for patients with this step by step  guide to appealing possible parity violations.


by Pete Seymour, M.D., SDPS President

It is an honor and a privilege to serve as President of the San Diego Psychiatric Society for 2015-2016.  I hope to continue the tradition of a strong, successful leadership, which we’ve enjoyed.  The following are goals for us to pursue in the coming year.

1)   Continue and build on our successes.  Through a combination of watching our expenses and increased revenue from Continuing Medical Education offerings and sponsored social events, we are in good financial shape. We need to continue our careful stewardship in these areas.

2)   Form a Parity Committee.  The APA has asked district branches to form committees to monitor insurance coverage in our communities and to make sure they meet parity standards.  In my opinion, this is a worthy endeavor and I plan to form a committee for parity monitoring.

3)   Continue advocacy.  Our district branch has a strong tradition of advocacy on behalf of our profession and our patients. Challenges in this area are ongoing; access, parity, scope of practices issues.  With the assistance of the California Psychiatric Association, we will continue to monitor these issues and educate our elected representatives regarding the interest of our profession and the welfare of our patients.

4)   Resident-Fellow Membership.  One of the encouraging developments at SDPS in recent years is the increased participation of Resident and Fellow Members.  RFM’s are present in greater numbers and increased levels of responsibility.  However, we still haven’t achieved 100% APA membership in either of our local residency programs.  I would like to see RFM membership increase with a goal of 100% participation, a goal other district branches in our states have reached.

It is gratifying to serve in a district branch where there is so much talent and energy, and I look forward to a productive year working with bright, capable colleagues.