Welcome to the San Diego Psychiatric Society

Dear Members of the San Diego Psychiatric Society,

We are proud to present to you the new SDPS website. As we have grown in size and become more active in our leadership roles within the San Diego community and beyond, we needed an upgraded website that would be reflective of our progress. On this new site, SDPS members will be able to see our monthly calendar of SDPS and community partners’ events, read about Council activities, explore the various activities SDPS is engaged with, and be included in our physician finder program. The site will also allow us to actively participate in social media to get our image out to the public. The site will be easier to navigate and to update in the days to come.

As a non-profit, membership driven organization, SDPS’ website was developed to be cost neutral to our organization and many hours of volunteer time has gone into its inception, planning and development. Our Council members raised funds from our sponsorship partners and worked with the website host contractor to create a website that uniquely meets our needs. I would like to recognize and thank Professional Risk Management Services, Inc., Mental Health Services, Inc., and SDPS member Dr. Alex Green for their generous sponsorship of our new website.  Their ongoing support of SDPS and our mission is greatly appreciated.

While many of the Council devoted time and energy to this project, I would like to highlight the work of Dr Robert Gorney, our Communications Chair, and our Executive Director, Janelle Kistler, Esq. As the main project leadership, they worked hand-in-hand in all aspects of the website development. I believe that you can see their dedication and work in the website itself.

SDPS is continuing to grow and evolve. As I stated in my Installation address, we must position ourselves as the central hub for all things mental health in San Diego County. We have long ways to go but with your continued support and membership, we will get there.

Enjoy the new SDPS website!

Steve Koh, MD, MPH, MBA
President, San Diego Psychiatric Society

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