Membership Types

Resident-Fellow Members

These are physicians who have been accepted into a psychiatric residency training program that is approved by the ACGME, RCPS(C) or AOA and remain enrolled therein.  Residents enrolled in a one- year primary care training program, followed by an approved psychiatric residency are eligible for Resident-Fellow status.

Your First Year of APA Dues as a Resident-Fellow are waived!

General Members

These are physicians who have graduated from an accredited training program in psychiatry and hold a valid license to practice medicine or are in an academic, research, or governmental position that does not require licensure.  General Members may apply for Fellowship or be nominated for Distinguished Fellowship, provided they meet the eligibility requirements.

International Members

These are physicians who live outside the United States and Canada and who meet the criteria established for General Members.  Applicants for this category must be licensed physicians who have completed an acceptable program of training in psychiatry.  They must also have the support of one APA member (not including Medical Students, Residents and/or Fellows).

APA Fellow

Members who meet the below criteria, will be notified by the APA that they are eligible to apply to be a Fellow of the APA.  Application forms are available through the APA and SDPS.

Criteria to become an APA Fellow

  • Eligible for General Membership in the APA
  • ABPN, RCPS or AOA certification
  • Review by and concurrence of the SDPS

APA Distinguished Fellowship

The Distinguished Fellowship is a national honor awarded by the APA to psychiatrists who have made and continue to make significant contributions to the profession and their community. Excellence, not mere competence, is the hallmark of the potential Distinguished Fellow.  All members who meet the first criteria of eight years as a General Member should watch for notification from SDPS early in the calendar year.

Criteria to become a Distinguished Fellow of the APA

  1. Eight years as an APA General Member
  2. Primary identification must be psychiatry for those in combined fields (e.g. psychiatry and pediatrics)
  3. Significant contributions in at least 5 of the following areas:
  4. Certification by the ABPN, RCPS or AOA
  5. Involvement in the work of the district branch or other components of the APA
  6. Involvement in other medical and professional organizations
  7. Participation in non-compensative mental health and medical activities of social significance
  8. Participation in community activities unrelated to income-producing activities
  9. Clinical contributions
  10. Administrative contributions
  11. Teaching contributions
  12. Scientific and scholarly publications
  13. Three letters of recommendation from current APA Distinguished Fellows.