March, 2018

Tougher Gun Laws May Reduce Firearm Suicides, Homicides, Study Finds

By drwong
March 22, 2018

American Psychiatric Association March 5, 2018   Counties in and adjacent to states with stronger gun laws have fewer firearm deaths than counties in and adjacent to states with weaker laws, according to findings published today in JAMA Internal Medicine. The study suggests that strengthening state firearm policies may prevent firearm suicide and homicide, with benefits that...   read more

Treating and housing the mentally ill is harder than jailing them. But it might actually work

By drwong
March 15, 2018

By THE LOS ANGELES TIMES EDITORIAL BOARD February 28, 2018         Les Jones, 62, on his daily walk in Santa Monica. Jones has lived in supportive housing at Step-Up on Second for 11 years. (Los Angeles Times) If only we could make Les Jones’ story more commonplace. As the 62-year-old Texas native...   read more