April, 2019

APA Protests New Policy Against Transgender Military Service Members

By drwong
April 10, 2019

American Psychiatric Association Wed Apr 10, 2019   APA is protesting the implementation of a ban that goes into effect on Friday, April 12, on transgender individuals serving in the military. As of that day, the Department of Defense (DoD) is requiring transgender service members to follow the standards of their biological sex or be removed...   read more

Skimpy health plans touted by Trump bring back familiar woes for consumers

By drwong
April 5, 2019

Los Angeles Times By Noam N. Levey Apr 2, 2019               There used to be a lot of health insurance horror stories like Charley Butler’s. After the Montana truck driver was diagnosed with testicular cancer in 2016, his insurer balked at paying tens of thousands of dollars in medical...   read more