September, 2019

What Lies in Suicide's Wake

By drwong
September 27, 2019

The New York Times By Peggy Wehmeyer Sept 12, 2019   Along with everything else, I wasn’t prepared for the stigma of becoming a widow this way.           When I lost my husband in 2008, I learned that the shocking cause of his death wasn’t as rare as I had thought....   read more

How to Manage Your Mental Illness at Work

By drwong
September 13, 2019

The New York Times By Eric Ravenscraft Aug 29, 2019   If you suffer from depression, anxiety, PTSD or another mental illness, here are some real-world tips to help you stay happy and healthy at work. I dropped my freshly cooked lunch all over the carpet. It wasn’t the reason I broke down just outside...   read more

Tri-City approves agreement for new behavioral health unit

By drwong
September 7, 2019

The San Diego Union Tribune By Paul Sisson Aug 29, 2019         Deal now requires approval from the County Board of Supervisors Tri-City Medical Center directors unanimously approved a preliminary agreement for a new 16-bed psychiatric unit Thursday night, agreeing in principle to participate in a new system of care focused on...   read more

SDPS Member Richard Rappaport, MD Invited to Participate in Documentary

By drwong
September 2, 2019

Richard G. Rappaport, M.D. is a noted forensic psychiatrist in San Diego who was recently invited to Swansea, Wales, Great Britain to participate in the making of a documentary about serial killers. The documentary made by Monster Film.Net, will portray the life and history of 10 of the most notorious serial killers, only two of...   read more