SDPS Member Richard Rappaport, MD Invited to Participate in Documentary

September 2, 2019

Richard G. Rappaport, M.D. is a noted forensic psychiatrist in San Diego who was recently invited to Swansea, Wales, Great Britain to participate in the making of a documentary about serial killers. The documentary made by Monster Film.Net, will portray the life and history of 10 of the most notorious serial killers, only two of whom were in the United States and include John Wayne Gacy, considered the most prolific of all serial killers. Each killer’s story will be discussed by someone who had actually spent time with that killer.

Dr. Rappaport was the chief psychiatrist for the defense in the Gacy case and spent 65 hours interviewing him and his family.  Rappaport is the first person to use the term “Serial Killer” when he was interviewed by the director of The Behavioral Science Institute of the FBI. Gacy, often referred to as the Killer Clown, was found guilty of killing 32 young men and burying 29 under his house over a six year period. His conviction in 1980 resulted in his execution 14 years later.

Dr. Rappaport has been a member of the San Diego Psychiatric Society for 33 years and a practicing forensic psychiatrist since 1969.


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