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Federal Panel Recommends General Physicians Screen All Adults for Depression

By editor
January 31, 2016

by Melissa Healy Los Angeles Times January 26, 2016   In a sign that the treatment of depression is shifting to the mainstream of American medical care, a federal panel has recommended that general physicians screen all adults for depression and treat those affected by the mood disorder with antidepressant medication, refer them to psychotherapy...   read more

Scientists Move Closer to Understanding Schizophrenia's Cause

By editor
January 31, 2016

by BENEDICT CAREY New York Times JAN. 27, 2016   Scientists reported on Wednesday that they had taken a significant step toward understanding the cause of schizophrenia, in a landmark study that provides the first rigorously tested insight into the biology behind any common psychiatric disorder. More than two million Americans have a diagnosis of...   read more

Joshua White, reknown jazz pianist will perform at our Annual Installation Dinner in June

By editor
January 24, 2016

Come join us on Friday, June 3rd at the Marriott La Jolla to welcome incoming President, Rob Gorney, MD!  As part of the celebration, jazz pianist Joshua White and his trio will be performing.  Mr. White is from El Cajon and placed 2nd at the Annual Thelonious Monk International Jazz Festival in Washington, DC in...   read more

Dementia Care: Coping With Aging's Costliest Challenge

By editor
January 8, 2016

When someone you love has dementia, the experience can be heartbreaking-and the expenses enormous. Here's how to manage you family's finances while providing the best care.

Early-Life Depression May Alter Brain Development, Study Suggests

By editor
December 19, 2015

The brains of children diagnosed with major depressive disorder early in life may develop differently from those of children unaffected by the disorder, suggests a study published Wednesday in JAMA Psychiatry. Early in childhood, the brain experiences rapid neurogenesis and related increases in gray matter volume, followed by a process of selective elimination and myelination in early puberty, resulting...   read more

Don't Blame Mental Illness for Gun Violence

By editor
December 18, 2015

By the NY Times Editorial Board December 15, 2015 Those who oppose expanded gun-control legislation frequently argue that instead of limiting access to guns, the country should focus on mental health problems. “People with mental illness are getting guns and committing these mass shootings,” said Paul Ryan, the speaker of the House, after the shooting...   read more

Watch Desiree Shapiro, MD's interview on KPBS on Children and Anxiety

By editor
December 14, 2015 Stress about grades, worry about fitting in, and nervousness about new situations — feeling a little anxious can be a normal part of childhood. But when anxiety becomes too much, it can have a big impact on a child's day to day life, experts said. The Anxiety and Depressions Association of America says anxiety...   read more

Am I Safe? Psychiatrist's Tips For Talking To Kids About The Paris Attacks

By editor
November 17, 2015

Advice columnist Steve Almond has a typically provocative piece on WBUR’s Cognoscenti today:Why I’m Not Talking To My Kids About The Paris Attacks. He and his wife decided, he writes, that “we have absolutely no interest in exposing our kids to the sort of panic-stricken coverage whose central aim is the profitable stoking of anxiety.”...   read more

Kids Who Lose a Parent More Likely to Commit Suicide

By editor
November 12, 2015

by Belinda Luscombe @luscombeland Nov. 11, 2015 New study looked at 40 years of data In what would definitely win the prize for Saddest Health Discovery of the Week, a newstudy has found that kids whose parents die while they are young are more likely to commit suicide later in life than kids whose parents survive...   read more

White House Seeks to Ease Veterans’ Access to Care

By editor
November 11, 2015

By JULIE HIRSCHFELD DAVIS NOV. 11, 2015 WASHINGTON — The Obama administration on Wednesday will call on Congress to enact measures to help military veterans gain easier access to health care, disability and educational benefits, part of a push to spotlight its efforts to improve the way the government treats veterans after ascandal at the Department...   read more