"Juanicas" at the San Diego Latin Film Festival

By https://www.sandiegopsychiatricsociety.org/author
March 16, 2016

Juanicas is an intimate portrait of a Mexican immigrant family in Quebec affected by mental illness. Using material shot over almost 10 years, the filmmaker, Karina Garcia Casanova, documents her complex relationship with her mother and brother, both suffering from bipolar disorder. She starts filming when Juan, her brother, returns to live in Canada after several years away in Mexico. At first the camera provides a distance that helps them reconnect with each other, but soon old patterns return. As her brother’s downward spiral accelerates, the viewer is taken on a journey as heart-wrenching as it is illuminating.

Feel free to click here where you can watch the trailer. In addition, this film will be presented with English subtitles. For more information such as the dates and showtimes of the film, please click on this web page.

Showings are at the AMC Fashion Valley from March 10-20, 2016.  The film will also be showcased in the “Documania Showcase” at the festival.


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